A.I. Watch un smartwatch cu experienta full Android

A.I. Watch

Piata de smartwatch (ceasuri inteligente) incepe sa prinda contur dupa lansarea i’m Watch din urma cu aproape doi ani de zile, urmata apoi de Sony Smartwatch si Sony Smartwatch 2, iar mai recent Samsung Galaxy Gear. Pe langa ceasurile inteligente deja prezente pe piata, s-au auzit zvonuri care sugereaza intrarea unor companii ca Apple (iWatch), Microsoft si chiar LG (G Watch) pe acest segment de piata in urmatorul an.

A.I. Watch este un nou proiect de smartwatch, dar care, spre deosebire de restul pietei, aduce o experienta full Android la fel ca pe orice smartphone 3G. A.I. Watch dispune de un procesor dual-core de 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM, 4GB memorie interna, o baterie de 500 mAh, si chiar si o camera foto de 5 megapixeli.

Acest ceas ruleaza versiunea de Android 4.0.4 si ofera acces la Google Play store, posibilitatea de a interactiona cu A,I. Watch prin comenzi vocale (S Voice), posibilitatea de a primi si efectua apeluri telefonice direct de pe ceas si multe alte lucruri interesante.

Deocamdata, creatorii acestui ceas incearca sa stranga suma de $100.000 pe Indigogo, iar daca vor reusi acest lucru, in viitorul apropiat vom putea apele pe oricine direct de pe un A.I. Watch, datorita dotarii sale cu slot SIM.

A.I. Watch ar putea fi comercializat din 2014 la pretul de $280 de dolari.



  1. Hi Damien and thanks for your point of view.. we were a little reluctant about their comment here as we asked for a review unit, but they never contacted us back, to actually prove their claim.

  2. Hello to all,

    Further to our last comments, here bellow, posted on October 01 (second update):

    We would like here to call your attention that our A.I Watch campaign is diverted by a third parties under ID: “Vapirius” selling a smart watch AX2 (having only some basics functions) misleading and cheating interested internets followers.
    We hereby confirm that this product has nothing to do with our A.I Watch, a very complex concept development based on different working prototypes as explained on Indiegogo crown funding platform…

    After long investigation those last days, we have taken all necessaries actions against those parties. We summon them to remove all our artworks and photos that they diverted from our website and Indiegogo campaign as they are our property.
    In addition we summon them to remove and to stop all offensive and insulting words that they propagate against us trough different website and blogs who published articles that were concerning A.I Watch.

    We want to thank particularly to all of you for a huge number of questions and emails that we are trying to answer. As well as worldwide well-known companies interested in our project.

    Thanks to continue supporting us to achieve our goals.

    Damien DOUK / A.I Watch

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